About Me:

I am a Husband. Father. Friend. Coach. Storyteller. Mentor. Disciple.​  

Beer over Wine.  American Idol over The Voice.  Carnivore over Herbivore.  Funny over Serious.  Sarcastic over Boring.  Butter over Margarine.  Apple over Windows.  Jordan over LeBron.  College Sports over Pro Sports.  Chicago over New York.  Star Wars over Star Trek.  Green Olives over Black Olives.  City over Country.  Pie over Cake.  Starbucks over Caribou.  Instagram over Facebook.  Movies over Books

Fall over Spring.  Bacon over Everything.


About My Photography:

Photography literally means "writing with light."  Above all, I believe it is my job to tell a story.  Your story.  And your story is best told when you are being you.


I'm constantly asked what my "style" is.  The truth is, I don't know if I really have "one specific style."  I think photography needs to be about capturing what's there.  I also think it's about uncovering the things that are there, but may not initially be seen.  If I HAD to say though, I would say that my style is a blend of lifestyle and traditional.  I want to capture the natural, candid moments.  Life as it happens.  Friends, family, loved ones- in laughter, and in tears.  I like to capture things naturally, but feel more than comfortable creating moments when necessary.  I always strive to give my clients a strong variety of pictures they can choose from.  


My #1 goal whenever I shoot is for people to have fun.  When you're having fun, everything looks better!  I hate "cheesy" but don't have any problem dialing it up a bit to get people out of their shells.  In my six years of doing photography, that has been the clear resonation of my clients. They have fun. That they felt comfortable being in front of the camera.  And that they were themselves.